mini snowflake cookies 2-1

I loved the way these mini snowflake cookies turned out. I wish the camera would focus better on them. Hopefully, Santa will bring me a new camera!


Dear Santa,

I've been a good girl this year.....

Cherry Blossom Chocolate Cake

So i've been having some fun in the past week. I've really been on a roll.

I made my first miniature sale! Woohoo! I listed my halloween cake on Etsy and it sold the next day. :) I was so pleased!

I know that all my listings won't go nearly that fast but it was certainly an ego booster. Considering I've just started making mini's in the past couple months, that was a nice warm coozy feeling. I have a hunch I must be headed in the right direction.

Even the honey was just as elated for me about the sale. :) I think he's just excited that I may actually stick with a craft and finish projects!!


Halloween cake

Halloween cake
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Well, This is the start of my miniature blog. It's going to be a slow going process I'm sure. But I am eager to create all the ideas that are just flowing in my head. The hard part is figuring out which to do next! There are pictures of some of my better work lately. Enjoy!