As I posted several months ago, I was away with very busy wedding plans.

We did it! It was the best day of the rest of my life with my husband and family. We really enjoyed the day. It was perfect and beautiful in every way possible.

This is our favorite picture of the day. It has all the spirit of the day and the wedding captured in a photo.

Now that the wedding is over it is back to the work table for miniatures. I have some great ideas for the seasons ahead and look forward to not only making them but also getting pictures posted and items listed on Etsy. :)

Here's the the future. Who could ask for anything more?

Blessings to all,



Busy Bizzy Buzzy

So it's been a little while, but I have been planning my wedding. September 5th is the big day! It's coming up very soon. So very excited. But so very much to do. When things have calmed down I will be back to minis again. Sooo many projects on hold, just no time for them now.

Take care!

I'm sure by the next time I post I'll be married.


Yummy Cake.

Yummy Cake.
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One very yummy cookie crumb cake. I finished this last night. I am quite pleased with the way that it turned out. It will be listed on my etsy account.

I also made some cute white and purple cupcakes. I will also be listing those on etsy.




And the weeks went by...

And I forgot about blogging! I should be updating more as the next week goes through, as I hope to be finishing up a few projects that are sitting unbaked on my desk. :) That and the a/c in the house died. So many of the coming evenings are scheduled for the appointments for estimates.

Keep checking back through the next couple weeks. I am working on a darling cookie crumb cake.