As I posted several months ago, I was away with very busy wedding plans.

We did it! It was the best day of the rest of my life with my husband and family. We really enjoyed the day. It was perfect and beautiful in every way possible.

This is our favorite picture of the day. It has all the spirit of the day and the wedding captured in a photo.

Now that the wedding is over it is back to the work table for miniatures. I have some great ideas for the seasons ahead and look forward to not only making them but also getting pictures posted and items listed on Etsy. :)

Here's the the future. Who could ask for anything more?

Blessings to all,



Marja said...

you look beautiful in your wedding dress
I wish you a very happy marriage
and glad you had a great day together
Greeting Marja

Minnie Kitchen said...

congratulations!! you look beautiful~